Thermal and Combined Cycle Power Plants

Beştepe Energy provides the following services regarding thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Report According to National and International Standards

  • Preparation of Technical and Administrative Specifications

  • Offer Evaluation and Contract Negotiations

  • Connection Analysis of Electricity Generation Plants to Transmission Network

  • Pre-License Field Studies

  • Managing Pre-License Processes

  • Basic Engineering and Design Services (Drawing of Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Projects)

  • Preparation of Project Pre-Approval and Approval Files (Approval by MENR / TEDAŞ)

  • Audit and Inspection Services According to National and International Standards

  • Technical Consultancy for the Provisional Acceptance Organization of the Power Plant

  • Field supervisory and management

  • Support and Supervision in Commissioning and Performance Tests

  • Support for Power Plant Operation Management

  • Consultancy Service During Cold and Hot Tests

  • Acceptance Tests for Commissioning, Control and Calculation of Test Results

  • All Detailed Engineering Calculations and Technical Specification Preparation

  • Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management Services

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