Consultancy Services

Technical Consultancy

Our consultancy services for solar energy, wind energy and all electricity generation projects;

  • Power Plants Project Development Activities

  • Preparation of Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Report (Providing Technical and Financial Analysis)

  • Examining the Analysis of the Project to Connect to the Grid (Distance to the Energy Transmission Line etc.)

  • Consultancy on Technology and Equipment Selection

  • Management of Permission and Follow-up Process of Licensed or Unlicensed Power Generation Plants

  • Financing Consultancy

  • Checking the Appropriateness of the Approved Design Projects in the Field,

  • Technical Consultancy Services in the Commissioning Process of the Power Plant

  • Training Services Related to Power Plants

  • ISO 27001 Information Security-Management System Consultancy

  • Electricity Generation and Distribution Systems SCADA System Security Consultancy / Penetration Test

Project Consultancy

Beştepe Energy provides consultancy services to companies, associations, foundations, institutions and organizations on Research & Development Grants, Development Agencies Supports, KOSGEB Supports, Agriculture and Rural Development Supports, TUBITAK Supports, project and grant supports. In this context;

  • Fon arayışı içerisinde olan yatırımcı için: The sector in which the company operates, the city of residence, the city where the investment is desired to be made and the scope of the planned investment (machinery-equipment purchase, construction, promotional activities, management systems consultancy, etc.) are evaluated together, and it is investigated whether the company can apply for grant support and whether there is a suitable program for the investment. . In case of a suitable open program, the project file is prepared using the information received from the company and the company is supported during the delivery process to the relevant grant institution.

  • For investors who want to benefit from VAT exemption for their investment: Businesses wishing to benefit from state incentives are required to obtain an incentive certificate from the Undersecretariat of Treasury for VAT exemption. Beştepe Energy provides services to all businesses wishing to obtain incentive certificate.

  • For investors who want to get management systems consultancy: Businesses ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 etc. They can apply to Beştepe Energy for all their management system needs. Our company's expert staff provides consultancy services in the establishment and development of the management systems of the enterprises.

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