Biogas and Biomass Plants

Biogas is a flammable gas obtained as a result of biomass processing. Unlike other flammable gases (for example natural gas), biogas is obtained only from animal or vegetable, ie organic raw materials: Biological wastes, organic wastes from the food industry, energy crops such as corn or sugar beet, and animal feces from animal husbandry can be used as the main input in biogas plants.

Gas formation is achieved in biogas plants by using bacteria and other micro organisms. As the final products of this multi-stage fermentation process, in particular methane (45-70%) and carbon dioxide (25-55%) are formed, , in a humid environment that is free from air (oxygen) and light.

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The usability of biogas as energy primarily depends on the methane ratio in the biogas. The biogas produced is generally transformed into electrical energy that can be used locally or given to the electricity grid in combined heat and power plants (cogeneration). It is also possible to use the generated heat during the combustion phase in heating buildings or greenhouses near the facility, drying straw, cooling milk or air conditioning of barns.

It is possible to get more than one output with a single input in a biogas plant. For example, when animal waste is used as the main input in a biogas plant, energy, hot water and organic fertilizer are taken as output.

Beştepe Energy successfully carries out all engineering, consultancy processes from the projecting process to the installation of the most efficient licensed or unlicensed biogas plants for investors requests.

Beştepe Energy, planlanan biyogaz tesisi için hazırlanacak fizibilite raporu ve gaz verimlilik değerlerine göre birden fazla sistem ve ürünü karşılaştırarak en verimli biyogaz tesisine sahip olmanızı sağlar.

Advantages of using biogas;

  • It is environmentally friendly,

  • It is a renewable energy source,

  • Its final product is organic rich fertilizer,

  • Provides probability to low-cost waste management,

  • It allows the rural areas to develop,

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions,

  • It creates new employment areas with industrial development.

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