Solar Power Plants

Turnkey Facility Installation Services

Beştepe Energy provides turnkey services for the most efficient system design, material procurement, field installation, TEDAS acceptance, operation and maintenance in order to pass your dreams successfully in Solar Power Plants.

Project & Engineering Services

Beştepe Energy provides engineering, projecting and TEDAS approval services to its customers for solar energy plants with its experienced and expert staff. Our projecting and engineering services are carried out in our own project group

Scada / Automation Systems

We offer GES Energy Scada / Automation systems solutions for remote monitoring, data logging and remote control of solar energy plants.

Medium Voltage System Design and Installation

Beştepe Enerji is working with leading domestic and foreign producers in the supply of Medium Voltage cells and mansions of solar energy plants. It provides turnkey solutions for the installation, installation, installation and commissioning of medium voltage cells and related concrete mansions or distribution center buildings.

Energy Transmission Lines

We do engineering calculations, projecting, approvals of TEDAS and Distribution companies, supply of materials, installation and installation works related to Energy Transmission Lines work required for the connection of solar energy plants to the network.

Maintenance and Service

Beştepe Enerji provides periodical service to its investors for the facilities that it has installed and TEDAS acceptance. In the event of any failure in this service, our technical service will intervene as soon as possible and remove possible production losses. After the expiry of the term of the contract, maintenance and service agreements are optional and are provided by our expert teams for annual contracts, all of which are periodically checked.

Audit Services

Beştepe Enerji, to ensure that your solar power plants are built in international standards, to take the precautions of future troubles during the construction phase, to ensure that your power plants can serve without problems for many years, to increase the efficiency by reporting the reasons for low production in the installed power plants and to provide supervisory services in the whole process from EPC contract to commissioning on your behalf. offers the following services to give;

  • Checking the Appropriateness of the Approved Design Projects in the Field,

  • Project Management and Tracking

  • Accompanying the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

  • Technical Consultancy Services in the Commissioning Process of the Power Plant

  • EN 62446: Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems - Minimum Rules for System Documentation, Commissioning Tests and Inspection" Inspection of PV Systems According to Standard

  • Open circuit (Voc) and operating voltage (Vmpp)

  • Short circuit (Isc) and operating current (Impp)

  • Insulation resistance, I-V measurements, Thermal inspections

  • PV System Tests (I-V Tests, Spot-check Tests, Performance Tests, Thermal Camera Inspection etc.)

Continuous Performance Measurement

According to IEC 61724 standards, the radiation falling on the power plant, the array temperature and the data in the meter in the central collection panel are processed by a micro computer and sent to the server over the internet.

In this way, in addition to the performance coefficient of the power plant, instantly expected and current energy production values can be compared. This comparison not only informs the user about the operating efficiency of the plant, but also enables the detection of faults in the power plant that cause performance loss.

Efficiency Increasing Solutions (R&D)

By producing solutions for field conditions and faulty project implementations, it is ensured that project efficiency is increased between 2% and 5%.

As a result of the R & D work to be carried out, the problems that may occur at the power plant in the future are determined and measures are taken.

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